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The most common mistake in planning the construction 

Posted by on Jan 17, 2016 in Construction Mistake | Comments Off on The most common mistake in planning the construction 

Planning to build a house? Do you know what you need to pay attention to? How do you not have happened to build a house first, and only then notice their own mistakes and failures bring you a few tips on what to look for when building your home. Learn from others’ mistakes to enjoy the warmth of your home. So let’s start from the front door.

Get in the house

dcdd2a9e7f34ee653a83ab670cdfe5e0If the front door is not covered, it can indeed be very inconvenient, especially if you are looking for in a bag key to the front door until the rain falls relentlessly. For your legal house you should contact tatlanta business attorneys.


If you are not covered by its own terrace, you will regret it. The sun does not shine, unfortunately, every day and you uncovered terraces can be used only in summer, and garden furniture will be constantly wet and rot quickly if it does not protect the roof.


Kitchen should be directly linked to the dining room or living room. Running around from the kitchen to stay you will have more to do than to put up a gate that will connect these two spaces.

ROOM washing and ironing

How much time do you spend smoothing and washing machine? Would not it be wise to have a room where all that you can perform when you have the time and in which all can “put aside” if you suddenly have guests or when you just cannot perform household chores?


Too many gates or doors have been installed in the wrong place unnecessarily hamper the movement inside the house and causing problems in spatial planning. Doors are often set to open in the wrong way, so careful planning from the very beginning is extremely important.



In your basement has not provided a sufficient number of light shafts? It can be really unfortunate if you decide basement converted into a guest room or in the fitness room. Ordinary basement windows with simple shafts are in this case completely “out”. You probably want the legal house – daytona business lawyer can help you with that.

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Real estate market in the US – Predictions 

Posted by on Jan 17, 2016 in Real Estate Market | Comments Off on Real estate market in the US – Predictions 


Since the last global crisis began with the real estate market in America, some believe that the recovery of this market to reach a global exit from the crisis. At the beginning of the New Year emerged forecasts what will happen to the American real estate market, it said regarding the purchase and sale.

One reason for this growth is the purchase of bonds related to mortgage loans by the State, and this acquisition will continue. This move Fed Reserve, which buys and securities and will lead to a situation that customers, will find it easier to obtain mortgage loans and therefore will sell more houses and apartments.

The whole story will come to a migration of the population, on the basis of prior period errors will carefully choose a place for buying property for life. The advantage of this time it will get a smaller home in cities that have a stable economy such as Portland, Houston, Dallas Austin, San Antonio and Atlanta.

Certainly it will not come to a situation that has led directly to the breakdown that every fifth house owned investor in the market, it will go to that buying a house are the people who will live in them. We’ll see what all of these predictions for next year’s prove to be correct, but for now there’s plenty of room for optimism.


People who after the outbreak of the crisis settled with their relatives and friends in the meantime have become homeless. Houses that were purchased during the real estate boom, sales are still below the purchase price or are simply empty. In this way refutes the fragile foundation of the financial boom of the past decade. All assets of the lower and middle strata mainly located in their property. Since the period between the second quarter of 2006 and the end of 2011 real estate prices have fallen on average by one third, it is for most Americans, especially those who have taken large mortgage loans, meant a great loss of property value. On the other hand, top managers were very successful in protecting their astronomical earnings and intellectual ideas thanks to intellectual property attorney.


Finally, there is always a sale agreement which provides important. The contract has its own conditions that both parties adhere to. In writing, the contract is concluded.

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How much can cost construction of the house?

Posted by on Jan 17, 2016 in House Costs | Comments Off on How much can cost construction of the house?


When building a house it is best to work with round numbers and so should determine the square footage of your house. This also reduces the possibility of “losing material.” It will also be best to build a house that will not have too deep foundations or too basement.


2.The shape of the house

Homes that have a rectangular shape will cost less. More angles can increase the amount of materials and labor required to build it. Houses unusual design also tend unused greater interior space.


3.Prepare the site

Site preparation for the construction of a home can have a big impact on the price of house. If you build on the existing foundation or build shallow foundation on a solid substrate it is likely that you will have lower costs. Land with a lot of moisture, groundwater problems, the roots of trees or large rocks can do to build your house is more expensive than you expect.

4.Cost overruns

Price of the finished house is usually greater than the cost you initially estimate. Cost overruns can occur as a result of changes in market conditions or unforeseen problems. Proper planning can greatly reduce overspending expenses. Good advice would be to listen to the existing calculation costs add 10% to cover unexpected expenses.

5.Inflation and market conditions

Experts estimate that construction costs are increasing by 3% to 6% annually. If you are planning to build a house for several years, do not forget to include in their calculations include the effects of inflation and changes on the market. When using other property and comparing the prices of construction, try to find ones that were built in the past 6 months. For your legal house you should contact trust lawyer orange county.

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